Your gift to the Battlefords United Way helps to change your community. 

Since 1969 we have been providing funding to groups who provide programs and services in the Battlefords.

These groups help hundreds of people navigate the trials of life. Some are simple requests, like a box of food to help until the next payday. Others are more complex, such as ongoing counseling for a victim of an assault.

All of these needs are met because you donated to the United Way.

The reason for individuals as well as businesses to flow their donations through the

United Way rather than provide them directly is that United Way“examines” the organization, including its management and governance structure as well as programming and community involvement. We review the financial health of these entities and each one is visited annually. This ensures us and the greater community that the support provided is actually “well-placed”.  United Way takes no percentage of the donation, therefore supporters are simply receiving an external “check and balance” and can be assured that their support is well-placed. We strongly encourage supporters and donors to run their funds through United Way for these precise reasons.

We make it easy for you to donate. Make a one-time donation or a monthly recurring donation. Pay with credit card, debit card or Paypal.

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